Prisma CSI offers cyber security consultancy services with its expert and experienced team. We are providing consulting services to prevent cyber attacks, data leak and to ensure that our customers are ready and safe against cyber attacks, with more than 15 years of experience.

In addition to pentests and consulting services, Prisma CSI prepares its customers and field enthusiasts for real life scenarios by providing trainings in the lab environment which was prepared by themselves, with its young, dynamic and constantly following team.

Everytime that hackers are in our lives, there are always risks that we can face with a cyber attack. Over the years cyber security has become a critical precaution for all organizations and companies after the effects and number of attacks. Prisma tests the weak points of customers for possible attacks and provides consulting services to eliminate these weak points.

Prisma CSI team also offers support for the development of our country in this field by supporting free events being organized as a volunteer by the Octosec team.


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