DoS & DDoS Attacking and Prevention Methods Training


In DoS & DDoS Attack and Prevention Methods Training, the subject will be explained in detail with the technical details and applications about how DoS & DDoS attacks are done by the hackers. Afterwards, the determination of what to do before the DoS & DDoS attacks and during the attack will be explained. Education is primarily for network/system specialists and security specialists. But anyone who is interested in topic are welcome.

The training term is 3 days.

Participants in the trainings will be given a certificate of participation by PRISMA CSI.

Training Contents:

  • Basic Network Information
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • DoS Fundamentals
  • DDoS Fundamentals
  • Dos and DDoS Attacks
  • Botnet Concept
  • Favorite Softwares
  • Example Attacks
  • DoS Attacks on Wi-Fi
  • Logical and Application Based Attacks
  • DNS Attacks
  • Attack Analysis
  • Defence Techniques
  • Applications
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