EBA Compatible Penetration Tests


The target of cyber attacks is no longer fun , that is money. Recently , The APT attacks on the banks show us how these attacks damage financial situation and reputation. EBA (European Banking Authority) published a report to improve the process. According to the report , the aim of the penetration test is ‘ Detection of security vulnerabilities that could lead to access to sensitive informations before these are abused’.

Prisma CSI has experienced and expert penetration test team. The team does the tests succesfuly based on BDDK definition and supports customers to solve the problems that detected.

Penetration tests include:

  • Communication Infrastructure and Active Devices
  • DNS Services
  • Domain and User Computers
  • Email Services
  • Database Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Wireless Network Systems
  • ATM Systems
  • Distributed Dismissal Tests
  • Social Engineering Tests
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