All the informations and datas about health are one of the most critical subjects for a country and public and private institutions are taking important steps in every issue which threatens this area. Medical devices, hospitals and hospital datas, health facilities, patients and device manufacturing centers are all important parts of this area and cyber security has critical importance to these issues. Every year, the health data of countries is leaked and sold by the hackers in the hidden parts of the internet. The security of all investments made in the digital sector and in the health sector can be provided by Prisma’s experienced cyber security team. In conjunction with comprehensive enterprise security and product safety solutions, Prisma can take an active role in protecting your company and your organization from cyber attacks.

We, as Prisma experts, are offering you following services to keep your systems safe:

  • Penetration Tests
  • Cyber Security Trainings
  • Secure Code Development Training
  • Source Code Analysis
  • DDoS Tests
  • Load Tests
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