Network Penetration Tests


The Prisma CSI team can do all of the inventory on your network by doing Network Penetration Tests that identify vulnerabilities in your network devices, servers, personal computers and all other inventories. In addition to its expert team, it provides network penetration testing services to many corporations and private companies.

The team simulates the cyber attack scenarios that the institution will encounter with many new generation cyber attack techniques before they arrive and reports all the precautions the institution has to take in detail. At the same time, it also provides necessary counseling services for these measures.

As Prisma team, the services we provide in the field of Network Penetration Test are as follows.

External Network Penetration Test

We conduct security tests from your external network, completely professional, in accordance with the standards from the hacker point of view. After the test, we offer suggestions for possible security weaknesses and solution to close those weaknesses.

Local Network Penetration Testing

What can attackers who access your internal network do? Is your internal network system really secure? The team of Prisma CSI provides local network penetration testing services with a team of experts who have been involved in network penetration tests for many years.

Wireless Network Penetration Test

We test the security of your wireless network and the devices connected to your wireless network.

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