Source Code Analysis


The software is developed following specific methodologies and guidelines and aims to provide the most appropriate solution. Software Development Lifecycle, which is called as the purpose of the product, the purpose of the suitability, availability, continuity, and safety is kept in the foreground. Ignoring the security of a software throughout its life cycle will result in a vulnerable and vulnerable product. The most rapid and effective detection of these application-based vulnerabilities will be made possible by detailed examination of the source codes of the application by professional teams.

PRISMA CSI is ready to provide you with Source Code Analysis service with its expert team. Security-oriented source code analysis is performed and reported with expert personnel and professional tools in the field. The necessary infrastructure planning is done before the analysis. The on-demand analysis is carried out at your location or in the PRISMA CSI laboratories under high confidentiality measures. No matter which programming language is preferred during development, your applications for web, mobile and desktop platforms are carefully examined. Any findings detected after the analysis are reported with technical explanations and solution methods to be understood by the developer and test personnel in the software development process. Thus, your software will be able to pass the safety tests easily.

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