With the ever-evolving technology, companies face serious security concerns and confusions. As Prisma CSI, we are with you in every single intersection point between technology and security in order to help you overcome these concerns.

While all the technological moves are creating new areas of action for companies, they also bring about possible weaknesses. If the power acquired with technology is not well controlled, it can be used as an entry point by the attacker for the route to the company’s critical data. At this point, we are working to bring security of your company, employees, data, and your next generation technology to the highest level.

We identify your vulnerabilities and backdoors with our risk analysis. We use all our experience to keep your security at the highest level. As Prisma CSI, we offer the following services to keep your systems safe:

  • Penetration Tests
  • Cyber Security Trainings
  • Secure Coding Trainings
  • Source Code Analyses
  • DoS/DDoS Tests
  • Load Tests
How can we help you?

Prisma consultants will be with you, whenever you need. You can contact us 7/24.

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