The telecommunication sector is on the forefront in every country of the world as it has critical infrastructure and key data. Therefore, telecommunication companies have to deal with hundreds of cyber attacks every day. Prisma CSI offers some services such as penetration testing or consulting to telecom companies to protect from these attacks.

With our penetration tests we identify your weaknesses and provide advice on how to eliminate them. In addition to these, we train your teams with our hands-on trainings. So with your expert staff, you can make the best moves as soon as possible. We use all our experience to keep your security at the highest level. As Prisma CSI, we offer the following services to keep your systems safe:

  • Penetration Tests
  • Cyber Security Trainings
  • Secure Coding Trainings
  • Source Code Analyses
  • DoS/DDoS Tests
  • Load Tests
How can we help you?

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